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ASMP-Austin / San Antonio Presents SEO for Photographers Bootcamp

Early Registration Ends 8/17/2014!

Kimberly Davis, President of the local Austin / San Antonio ASMP chapter, is featured in the ASMP Bulletin.

 The ASMP Year End 2013 edition is out. Our very own ASMP A/SA Vice President Kimberly Davis was featured as an extraordinary member for her work producing Texas Photo Roundup!

Check out the article here.

Then start from the beginning of the latest issue here.

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ASMP Seminar | ASMP Austin/San Antonio

$50 off Labor Day Sale for SEO Bootcamp Sept. 20th! We lowered the prices by $50 as well so if you sign up by Labor Day it's $150 for ASMP Members and $200 for Non-members on the full day!
(posted: Aug 28, 2014)

ASMP Seminar | American Society of Media Photographers

Your website is open 24/7 and SEO is an important part of your marketing plan. These days "google it" has become one of the most important ways clients find us and showing up towards the top of google boosts your credibility and click through rate. We have to be relevant. September 20th we are bringing an SEO genius to help us learn the tips and tricks and why this is so important. It could be the best investment you make for your company this year.
(posted: Aug 25, 2014)

ASMP Seminar | American Society of Media Photographers

Want to get to the top of Google and Bing? The early registration discount expires on Monday!
(posted: Aug 22, 2014)

168: Kimberly Davis: Having a positive support group

Chapter prez Kimberly Davis interview for Full Time Photographer podcast series.
(posted: Aug 21, 2014)

ASMP Seminar | American Society of Media Photographers

" As long as I'm found I get plenty of work! " Learn the skills of how to position yourself on the web to make this happen! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) how to get on the front page of google, bing, and yahoo. September 20 at Precision Camera & Video Must register in advance at
(posted: Aug 20, 2014)

Compendium, Third Edition | U.S. Copyright Office

New Compendium from the Copyright Office The U.S. Copyright Office has just released a public draft of the Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition. The draft, which runs to more than 1200 pages of administrative practices, may be freely downloaded from this page. The Compendium is intended as a technical manual for Copyright Office staff, as well as a guidebook for authors, copyright licensees, practitioners, scholars, the courts, and members of the general public. As in the past, the Third Edition addresses fundamental principles of copyright law — for example, standards of copyrightability, joint authorship, work for hire, and termination of transfers — as well as routine questions involving fees, records retrieval, litigation documents, and other procedural matters. Among other improvements, the Third Edition will offer the significant benefits of electronic publication. In final form, it will feature hypertext links to cross-referenced material, glossary terms, and statutory and regulatory provisions. The new Compendium is the result of more than two and a half years of work, and is the first major revision in more than two decades. It will remain in draft form for approximately 120 days pending final review and implementation, taking effect on or around December 15, 2014. Members of the public may provide feedback on the Compendium at any time before or after the Third Edition goes into effect. See for more information.
(posted: Aug 19, 2014)