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ASMP-Austin / San Antonio Presents SEO for Photographers Bootcamp

Early Registration Ends 8/17/2014!

Kimberly Davis, President of the local Austin / San Antonio ASMP chapter, is featured in the ASMP Bulletin.

 The ASMP Year End 2013 edition is out. Our very own ASMP A/SA Vice President Kimberly Davis was featured as an extraordinary member for her work producing Texas Photo Roundup!

Check out the article here.

Then start from the beginning of the latest issue here.

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Sally Mann podcast
(posted: Apr 25, 2015)

6 Steps to Save Your Ass With Lightroom Catalog Changes

Good advice before you update LR. Another smart tip is to backup your LR catalog to a cloud. So obvious I never thought of that!
(posted: Apr 22, 2015)

3rd Tuesday Happy Hour is

TONIGHT in Austin! Topic: Personal projects. All are welcome to bring personal projects to share that weren't client driven. 5:30-7:30pm at You're Welcome Studios located at Canopy. Open to all!
(posted: Apr 21, 2015)

Thank you to those who voted,

Our board of directors has been chosen and we are excited about this group! Becca Ewing and Leah Overstreet are joining current board members, Mark Greenberg, Josh Huskin, Dennis Burnett, Natalie Cass, Phillinda Roy, Park Street, and Kimberly Davis.
(posted: Apr 10, 2015)

ASMP: Log in

Chapter elections have started! Voting members please take the time to vote in our chapter election where you can select 5 new board members for the next two years. It’s easy: Log into your ASMP member profile at and look for the “Vote in the ASMP election” link. "Details" will reveal each candidates ballot statement. DEADLINE IS APRIL 5TH but there is not time like the present! :)
(posted: Mar 26, 2015)

Election Central 2015 | American Society of Media Photographers

Professional Members, don't forget to vote for the ASMP national election which closes at 11pm tonight! (Sunday)
(posted: Mar 15, 2015)